A McGraw-Hill Book HTML5 for iOS and Android
By Robin Nixon (McGraw-Hill 2011, ISBN 978-0071756334)

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Chapter 2: What's New in HTML5

Even though this is a book about HTML5 for mobile devices running iOS and Android, because HTML5 is a specification that's still under development and is not expected to be complete before 2012 or 13, it's important for you to know about all the tags (both current and future), and how they work on other platforms and browsers.
     The reason is that you are very unlikely to want your HTML5 web pages, web apps and device apps to work only on iOS and Android, because being HTML they will also display on most other devices too. Therefore this chapter dwells more on what HTML5 can do, period. Rather than just what it can do for iOS and Android.

Examples from this chapter:

Most examples in this book require the latest version of any of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, iOS or Android in order to work correctly. To see how the examples work use your browser's View Source feature, or download the examples file, unzip the contents and examine the files in a text editor.