A McGraw-Hill Book HTML5 for iOS and Android
By Robin Nixon (McGraw-Hill 2011, ISBN 978-0071756334)

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Chapter 8: Introduction to MySQL

In this chapter I cover the basic information you need to begin operating MySQL and, once finished, you'll be able to manage simple databases with ease, performing actions such as adding and editing user accounts, creating databases and tables, and inserting data into and reading it back from tables.
     This chapter assumes that you have MySQL installed and running and that you have command line access to its web server via Telnet, SSH (Secure Shell), or even a keyboard, as in the case of a local development server. It also assumes you are using a Linux operating system or another one related to Unix (which also includes Mac OS X).
     Nowadays most popular hosting services (particularly for operating systems such as Linux or BSD etc) either provide MySQL pre-installed or it can usually be added quite easily upon request. If you do make sure that they also install the PHP extensions to communicate with MySQL.

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