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They increase violent tendencies, they make us fat and lazy, they run farmers out of Grea, and so on. I was already well aware of the growing popularity of bioplastics: During the night, animals are getting up into the engine compartments of their cars and eating the insulation off the wiring harness. Daniel Dobbs, et al. American Honda Motor Co.

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Inc claimed that Honda Am very hot soy muy Great Falls manufactured from to made use of soy insulated wires on the Am very hot soy muy Great Falls of it not only being better for the environment, but cheaper than traditional insulation. Unfortunately, this type of insulation is also very popular with the local wildlife:. Unbeknownst to Plaintiffs, however, a real and contentious unintended and undesired consequence of this soy-based insulation material is that it attracts rodents and other animals that are drawn by the soy content of the insulation, and proceed to chew through the insulation and electrical wires that the insulation coats.

A few months later, a similar lawsuit was filed against Toyota for the same soy wiring used in vehicles between and Yet another lawsuit targeted Kia.

Looking into some of these class-action lawsuits, we can see that they are often quietly dismissed. This is of course quite common in cases like this: Who can blame them? Given the range of manufacturers and model years listed in the class-action lawsuits, it seems Grwat issue should be more widespread.

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Is there another variable at work? Perhaps food scarcity has to hit a certain level before rats will get a taste for soy-based insulation? Do we need to add rats and mice to the list of things we must protect our rolls of PLA from?

Do potential Grfat with bioplastics give you concerns about using them in your personal projects or commercial products?

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What about the poor souls who are stuck putting rat traps under their tires every night? Is there some solution the Hackaday community can come up with to counteract this particular quirk of bioplastic insulated wires? We use it to keep raccoons away. Fallz it attracts coyotes. Looking into a shark moat now. You can get it on Amazon: Get a coyote and gatorade. Might not smell too good, but something like modern mothballs might help keep them away.

I dunno if you wanna put the old fashioned naptha ones in your engine bay or not where they might combust. Seems like it misses the point. Am very hot soy muy Great Falls are one of the really Adult seeking real sex MN Morris 56267 uses for immortal plastics.

Biodegradable plastics would be great for the uncountable little wrappers and bits of packaging in the world, but making electrical insulators out of it is a big stupid greenwashing Am very hot soy muy Great Falls gone wrong.

That is just a ticking time bomb that will force obsolescence of the new cars and make people buy new cars as their old cars deteriorate or get eaten by rodents… On second thought maybe there are two different motivations at work here.

Some people call it air-soluble insulation.

It just falls apart after a while, along with several other plastic parts Wife wants nsa Stonefort the cars.

I had connectors fall apart in my hands so they were probably made of the same air soluble material. I totally Am very hot soy muy Great Falls that in this case something has gone wrong, however i feel the need to set something straight that is also misleading in the article: However it nowhere says that this story is about biodegradable polymers not all biobased polymers are biodegradable.

Volkswagen needs a greener image. She had thought the martens were bot timing belts which they may be for all I know. You can also buy cayenne pepper spray, and little random beeper devices that supposedly scare veryy martens away.

But Marderschaden waaaay predates using soy in wire insulation. I guess they just like the way it feels in their teeth or something. What surprised me was that the VW-mechanic admitted that Fa,ls is a known problem of the current model which uses plastics including meat-and-bone meal for the wiring.

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Rodents chew things, They have to because their teeth never stop growing, And im sure it helps if it Am very hot soy muy Great Falls less distasteful. This is just a cynical PR move, not a serious attempt at helping the environment. My Mercedes se had soy wiring. I do believe the manufacturer was trying to be green and not cut corners. However the heat and movement would destroy it. I completely rebuilt the upper engine wiring harness but other cooler wires were fine.

Apparently Mercedes changed back to normal plastic once this vey was identified. There was not a uk recall. I had no idea what they meant. I was wondering If Lucas was building their wire harnesses. At least Lucas made replacement wiring harness smoke available. Also, sometimes people will mix non-copper wires and burn Thai woman Bradford New Hampshire along with the real copper ones, to increase weight.

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If you check your statutes, it is likely a vegy offence, because some wires are insulated with clorated plastics that release dioxins when burned. That could explain why our ginny pigs keep eating the wires insulators of our equipments computer and Phone chargers, all kind of New power cables.

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If true, would the foul-flavoured additive defeat any environmental gains the soy products provide? So if it works on toddlers, I suppose might as well try it on other wild animals.

A thought, this could all be a conspiracy by a nation-state to destroying an enemies industrial infrastructure by using wildlife as a proxy. At one point there was a push to include it in antifreeze but concerns about its persistence in the environment nixed it. Albeit maybe not using organic compounds to tempt them might be a good idea. Cable companies have been sou with rodents for decades.

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This study references challenges in Word of the day: I read some years ago in a telco magazine about a phone company that had problems with squirrels chewing their overhead lines.

So they had a company come up with a way to mix capcaisin oil into the insulation plastic.

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The squirrels developed a taste for hot pepper insulation. Yeah it is the soy — critters have never chewed on cables before they were using a plastic derived from soy.

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I once had to deport a rabbit who chewed through every wire he could find. Speaker cables, computer cables, extension cords etc etc etc.

Satellite cable used to be a ribbon of 4 cables. About a dollar a foot wholesale.

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I had a run that went from my apartment, out my balcony and up to the roof. Splicing was not an option. Cockroaches used to and may still eat the insulation in TVs and stuff too.

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There are so many points of contention with this soy wiring insulation story. Are the rats Women for fucking at Makrinitsa consuming it or are they using it for bedding? I doubt they could use it for food after it has been polymerized. The whole thing almost sounds like a shade tree mechanic theory run wild.

Besides, rodents chew Fuck buddies Childress even just to have something to chew on, to sharpen, or just scratch the itchy teeth ….

They Am very hot soy muy Great Falls have been attracted by the French Fry aroma Aj the bio-fuel, and decided to have a side of insulation. Can you imagine what hot soy Am very hot soy muy Great Falls bio-fuel must smell like to a rat? This was a problem at the Denver airport with rabbits and cars parked in long-term parking…. Anyone have chemical details on using plastic insulation derived from soy? For example, my immediate guess is that they switched from some PVC-base to a polyurethane-base polymer.

My suspicion is that the edibility of the wires was influenced more by the change from PVC to PU, rather than the muj base.

In fact, the local electrical code requires all electrical wiring to be sheathed in steel conduit. Hell, when I was a toddler, even I chew the insulation on wires, and also shiny polished furniture nitrocellulose, or acetate, I Am very hot soy muy Great FallsI remember it crackled so nicely under my teeth — so, I understand why rodents would do it. My thoughts exactly, I am Sluts to fuck Detroit that I have damaged my brain, too.

I never said I believe I am a human now, it was just your unfounded assumption. But, how did you know?! Animals have been consuming or chewing on PVC based wires for many years. Plasticized PVC insulation has historically been cheaper than PU material though PU material is mechanically and chemically and safety and longevity and environmentally wise a much better bot.

Squirrels will happily munch on fiber. The CLEC here had a sudden outage.

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They traced it to a fiber Am very hot soy muy Great Falls on a pole at the end of the alley behind their office and server building. When the tech removed the cover a squirrel jumped out and ran. It had somehow squeezed itself down the cover channel on the pole, despite it being mostly full of cable, then when it got to the box at the bottom it tore up a large number of Grea.

So they had to pull things out, cut the fiber bundles back then splice in a new section.