A McGraw-Hill Book HTML5 for iOS and Android
By Robin Nixon (McGraw-Hill 2011, ISBN 978-0071756334)

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Despite all the effort that goes into ensuring that everything in a book is 100 percent correct before it goes to press, sometimes mistakes can slip through. Also websites beyond the control of the author could change and so URLs can require updating. So to keep up with any such changes to the book please refer to this page from time to time.

Errata to date

  • Chapters 12 & 13

      Not long after the book went to print Apple released a thoroughly updated version of the Xcode SDK. I am working my way through it right now and will reportt on things you need to go as I compare the differences with the boook. Here are the the differences/things to note so far:

      • To rename a project you cannot use the Product menu any more. Instead you click slowly twice on the project root name (for example Wrapper). It then becomes editable and you can enter a new name. When a window pops up click Rename.
  • Chapter 2, Page 40, First two lines of the list attribute example

      The lines that read:

        Choose a web page: <input type='url' name='links'
        list='sites' />

      should be as follows:

        Choose a web page: <input type='url' name='site'
        list='links' />

  • Chapter 6, Page 172, First example in the Writing Text section

      The line that reads:

        context.font = '12px, Times'

      should not include the comma, as follows:

        context.font = '12px Times'

  • Chapter 6, Page 172, Third example in the Writing Text section

      The line that reads:

        fillText('Text string', 0, 0, 200)

      omits the context. prefix, and therefore should be as follows:

        context.fillText('Text string', 0, 0, 200)